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What is the difference at the Vermillion Dental Office?


You will see the difference in the highest level of care, skill and judgment we place into the healthcare relationship with you.  In every interaction, treatment plan and procedure there is a difference; from your initial phone call to every visit thereafter, we invest the time to address your concerns, prevent future problems and help you obtain better oral health.


You will feel the care by the attention we place in what we do and how you are treated.  Everyone on our team has a genuine feeling of concern and interest in you and your care. Your health is important to us.  You will find that we are good listeners and your concerns will be heard.


You will see the skill and the attention to detail in all treatment provided.  Dentistry is both a technical and artistic profession that requires knowledge and skills of the highest level. We invest a lot of time into our continuing education and training  We have studied and routinely perform procedures across all fields of dentistry and have knowledge across much of medicine.


You will notice the judgment in the decision making process and treatment planning of your care.  Our partnership with you is to make the best decisions on preventative care and any needed treatment.  Your needs, expectations and temperament are unique and any course of action and treatment needs to be well thought out by both you and your treating doctor.


Our Mission is to . . .


. . . provide a caring and trusting environment where we help you to see oral health as a choice and empower you with the skills and knowledge to make decisions that lead you toward health instead of just away from disease.  The doctors and entire team at the Vermillion Dental Office work as partners with you to develop the appropriate treatment plan based upon your own needs, expectations and temperament.

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Preventative Dentistry

Periodontal Treatment

Restorative Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

Invisalign® Treatment

Headache and TMJ Pain management

Root Canal Therapy

State of the Art Digital Dentistry

Dental Implant Treatment

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Complex Case Management

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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