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What to expect at your first appointment


If your interest is in becoming a regular patient in our practice and you have no emergency or urgent care, your first appointment will be with one of the dentists for a comprehensive examination.  As an adult, a comprehensive periodontal evaluation is done to see if there is active periodontal disease present.  Only after this evaluation is completed can an appropriate plan be made on whether a prophylaxis (adult "cleaning") or periodontal therapy (treatment of periodontitis) be scheduled.  All children and most young adults are scheduled for an exam and prophylaxis ("cleaning")  for their initial visit.


If you recently had x-rays at your previous dentist please let us know.  Any x-rays necessary  to complete the diagnosis and treatment plan will be recommended by your dentist after a review of your past medical and dental history.  The most common x-rays for an adult new patient is a full series of radiographs to evaluate for cavities, periodontal disease and other possible pathology.  For a child, a bite-wing series is needed to evaluate for cavities and depending upon the child's age a panoramic x-ray may be recommended for evaluating growth and development and eruption of teeth.


If your visit to out office is for a second opinion on treatment, a referral from a physician or dental specialist, or just for a specific situation please bring along the necessary records or have them forwarded prior to your visit.

Fees and your dental benefit plan

(dental insurance, flex spending, health savings account, etc.)


The cost of your treatment will depend on your individual needs and treatment plan. We will discuss the cost of your treatment and each of your available payment options with you before you begin, so you can make the best choice for yourself.


Our practice accepts personal checks, cash, most major credit cards and participates with CareCredit to help extend payment options for your care.  Most importantly, care can usually be sequenced, spread out over a reasonable time and scheduled in a way that coincides and fits within a personal budget.


If you have a dental benefit plan or dental insurance it is intended to cover some, but not all of the cost of your dental care. Most plans include coinsurance provisions, a deductible, and certain other expenses which must be paid by the patient.  We are seeing many dental plans beginning to have many non-covered services, missing tooth clauses, limitations on frequency of exams and cleanings and other limitations that make is somewhat confusing on the patient to understand their exact benefits.


Our administrative team is always available to help with insurance questions and paperwork.

Participating  vs. non-participating dentist


We may or may not be a participating dentist in your dental benefit network but we can file most insurance claims regardless of network participation.  We have many patients who choose our office for their and their family's dental needs despite being considered "out of network".  Please bring your insurance plan information with you on your first visit. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which your are entitled.

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Quick fact about our office:


Nearly 40% of our patients have no dental insurance but still schedule regular visits, have healthy teeth and complete necessary treatment that is scheduled to fit within a budget.

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