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Implant Dentistry


Implant dentistry has the best long-term success of tooth replacement available today.  When considering implant dentistry to replace a missing tooth or several teeth you need a dentist experienced in treatment planning, coordination of surgical implant placement with a specialist and competence in managing the restoration process.


The implant restoration process is always part of a comprehensive treatment plan that is very patient specific and varies from person to person, but in general the process is:  Surgical placement of the dental  implant into the jawbone by an oral surgeon or periodontist followed by 4-6 months of healing.  Impressions begin  the restoration  process of the implant with the crown of the tooth or attachments to retain a denture; the restoration process generally takes 4-6 weeks.


Success rates of dental implants vary but are greatly influenced by the the skill and experience of the surgeon and the restoring dentist.  Dental implants have success rates of nearly 98% in healthy non-smoking adults with healthy gums and enough bone. With proper surgical placement, restoration design and home care implants can last a lifetime.

Drs. Richard and Jennifer Vermillion have working relationships with regional specialists placing implants and both doctors have the high level of competence in the treatment planning necessary for the success of your treatment.  The doctors have the education, training and clinical experience needed for predictable implant restoration.


Our office works with the highest quality dental laboratories that keep up with the ever advancing technology and computer aided design and fabrication methods happening in the implant dentistry field today.

 If you are thinking about dental implants for yourself or a family member give our office a call to discuss your treatment with Drs. Richard or Jennifer Vermillion.


All implant restorations seen below were completed at the Vermillion Dental Office.

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22 year old woman - Replacing a metal "Maryland" style bridge with a single implant after braces

Before Treatment

After removal of bridge, orthodontic treatment, implant and veneer restorations

Before treatment

Custom abutment in Place

After treatment

Before treatment showing metal bridge in place.

After treatment

58 year old man - Replacement of two infected front teeth with two implant

Before treatment

Returning from oral surgeon with healing abutments in place.

Custom abutments are attached to implants and teeth are ready for crowns.

After treatment

21 year old woman - Two implants to replace two missing teeth after orthodontic treatment

Before treatment

Healing abutments in place after implant surgery.

Treatment completed

74 year old man - Two lower back teeth replaced with implants

Healing abutments in place after implant placement by oral surgeon.

Implant abutments in place and ready for crowns.

Treatment completed with crowns.

78 year old man - Four implant on upper arch

Before treatment showing four healing abutments after implant placement.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

After Treatment showing six crowns supported by four implants.

44 year old woman - single implant upper left

Before treatment

Custom implant abutment in place.

Crown cemented on abutment.

48 year old woman - single implant upper right

Custom abutment in place

Crown cemented