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Your Child's Oral Health


Our office sees children of all ages.  It has always been and continues to be an enjoyable part of our general dental practice.  We focus on teaching prevention, proper home care and healthy eating.  Our goal is by the time your  child becomes an adult they have as few cavities as possible and they understand what it takes to have healthy teeth for a lifetime.  In order to accomplish this, you and your child need to have an understanding of proper nutrition and practice good oral hygiene.  You, as a parent or caregiver, will be leading the way and setting the example on healthy living for your entire family.  We are here to help you along the way of raising a healthy child.


Our office provides a wide variety of treatment services for your child and is trained, licensed and equipped for mild sedation.  We make appropriate referrals to local orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists and other specialists if more specialized treatment is necessary.


We follow the national recommendations to examine all children by age 1 (or six months after the eruption of the first tooth) and educate pregnant mothers, parents and caregivers about why baby teeth matter and how to care for them.


We believe every child should have a dental home.  A dental home is the ongoing relationship between the dentist who is the primary dental care provider and the patient, which includes comprehensive oral health care, beginning no later than age 1 in a continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered way.


Click here for health information on your child's teeth.


Proper nutrition critically important to oral health as well as general health.  Click here for the best nutrition information on the web.




Our Mission to you and your child is to...


...provide a “dental home” where we help them grow to see oral health as a choice and empower them with the age appropriate skills and knowledge to learn to make decisions that leads toward a lifetime of health.

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Services We Offer for children:

Preventative Dentistry


Fluoride treatments

Nutritional counseling

Mild sedation


Root canals

Orthodontic space maintainers

Emergency care

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